The Platform

The Platform

Discover the countless advantages of the open platform Pexcite!



The Platform

Discover the countless advantages of the open platform Pexcite!

We Connect. You Control.

P stands for Platform

Pexcite is the open software platform that ensures full connectivity of standardized solutions and machines from any manufacturer for fast, error-free and reliable production processes. Unrivaled flexibility, intuitive operation and maximum transparency are crucial pillars of the platform.

Instead of individual applications for individual process steps, Pexcite offers
one central platform that includes all solutions for required application areas. You benefit from the open system both when integrating new solutions and with new machines. The uniform user interface also makes the system convenient to operate. All this allows you to do away with regular technological changes and varying user interfaces.

Pexcite acts as a connector between different levels, from the machine and equipment level to the corporate IT level. We also offer interfaces to different manufacturers. The value chain of sensitive products is taken into account here, from raw materials to recycling.

As a web-based system, Pexcite features a sophisticated interface and intuitive
operation that makes daily production work easy. Extensive dashboards and reporting allow you to get all the relevant information quickly, while reliable data security and data backups ensure all aspects of a state-of-the-art, secure software environment.

But that's not all: As an open platform, Pexcite also supports solutions and
applications from our partners. Thanks to the simple integration of new
applications, you will also enjoy full flexibility in terms of hardware, software and interfaces into the future.

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Your advantages with Pexcite

Maximum flexibility

A software platform with a uniform user interface and independent, modular solutions. Scalable and customized to meet your production needs.

Simple operation

State-of-the-art, intuitive user interface. Web-based and responsive for convenient access via different end devices.

Practical analysis tools

Extensive dashboards for transparent insights into the status of your production. For precise process optimization and clear data knowledge at any time.

Detailed reports

Reliable data evaluations with flexible adjustment options. This ensures that all relevant information is documented and available at a glance.

Total compliance

The open platform complies with all the necessary guidelines related to production (GMP, GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11).

Integrative data security

Secure data access and reliable data processing. Extensive data backups can be adjusted to your individual needs at any time.

Scalable connectivity

Different interfaces enable flexible connection and compatibility with machines and solutions from any manufacturer as well as integration into the IT environment and production.

Integrative automation levels

This system is designed for integrative automation levels along the entire value chain.

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