Excitingly smart!

P stands for Pexcite

Pexcite is the open software platform for your individual production needs in the manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, featuring impressive smart solutions. The wide-ranging functions let you easily link machines and equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

You can discover new ways to precisely optimize your production processes, increase production quality and, at the same time, always ensure compliance with legal regulations.

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About Pexcite

We connect. You control.

P stands for Platform

Maximum flexibility, intuitive operation and total transparency: Pexcite is your guide to linking and optimizing the value chain for your sensitive products. Connectivity of standardized solutions, manufacturer-independent machines and the necessary interfaces makes Pexcite the optimal platform in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for ensuring that your production processes are fast, error-free and reliable – including integrative automation levels. All solutions also have scalable functional scopes based on your individual requirements.

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